Climate Adaptation

Starting Point: In 2011, there was no Climate Adaptation Plan in place.

2015 Goal: Climate Adaptation Plan developed, strategies incorporated into relevant planning.

Update: In order to address the current and future impacts of climate change, Salt Lake City convened an internal steering committee to assess local vulnerabilities and response strategies. The Mayor’s Climate Adaptation Steering Committee met several times and ultimately compiled a summary of vulnerabilities and risks.

All City departments participated in a collaborative process throughout 2014 to complete an overarching Climate Response Plan. This document highlights ways that the City can both mitigate climate change, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and prepare for climate change by enhancing the resiliency of City operations. Numerous department-level efforts are underway to accomplish these climate goals and the Response Plan will act as a guiding document on priorities and opportunities going forward.

Goal: Complete and ongoing: The City's Climate Response efforts are an iterative process that will be revisited at numerous points throughout each coming year.