Salt Lake City generates renewable energy and uses energy wisely - fostering healthy air and scenic views, curbing fossil fuel use and emissions, and saving money and resources.

2015 Goals

  • Transform all City facilities into "net zero" energy users.
  • Reduce total energy use in the community.
  • Increase renewable energy generation and market share.


  • Number of megawatts of renewable energy capacity on City facilities.

  • Established Commercial Building Commissioning and Upgrade Plan.

  • Number of loans made to incentivize energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

  • Number of LEED and EnergyStar buildings in the City.

  • Number of kw of solar energy capacity in city limits.

Starting Point

  • 1.4 MW in 2010.

  • No program in place in 2010.

  • No loan program in place in 2010.

  • 38 LEED certified buildings, 34 EnergyStar facilities and 11,800 EnergyStar homes in 2011.

  • 0.788 MW in 2010.

2015 Target

  • 2.5 MW.

  • Program launched, 100 buildings recommissioned and/or upgraded through program by 2015.

  • Provide $250k of loans through the e2-RLF by 2015.

  • 10% increase by 2015.

  • 10 MW by 2015.

Current Status

  • 2.79 MW Salt Lake City added 4 solar projects in 2014/2015. The three 2014 projects were the Public Safety Building: Rooftop, Public Safety Building: Solar Farm, and Plaza 349: Rooftop. The 2015 project was the Glendale Library. (Note: Total does not include generation from City's 4 solar thermal projects.)

  • Salt Lake City launched the Mayor's Skyline Challenge in 2014. This multi-year competition encourages commercial building owners to evaluate their energy usage, set savings targets and initiate energy-saving projects. Progress of the challenge will be tracked by City staff and more details are available at
  • Program is in place, money is available and applications are now being accepted.

  • 62 LEED Certified Buildings, 108 Energy Star Facilities, 13123 Energy Star Homes.

  • Information requested from Rocky Mountain Power.