Food & Nutrition

Salt Lake City supports a vibrant, sustainable and equitable food system that produces healthy food for the community.

2015 Goals

  • Increase local food production and access to fresh and healthy foods.
  • Enhance local food infrastructure and distribution networks.
  • Ensure that laws and rules support a vibrant local food system.


  • Best management practices that strengthen local food system.

  • Number of programs that strengthen the local food system.

  • Revised local plans that incorporate supportive strategies.

  • Number of community gardens in city.

  • Amended ordinances and zoning.
  • Number of food deserts (locations without fresh food available within 1 mile).
  • Number of Farmers Markets in city.
  • Number of Food Hub/Local Food Centers in city.
  • Number and location of healthy cooking and nutrition classes and opportunities for adults.

  • Number of elementary schools in city with healthy and local food programs in place.

Starting Point

  • No current BMPs employed.

  • No comprehensive inventory of programs exists.

  • No uniform consideration of healthy or accessible food throughout city plans.

  • 9 Gardens.
  • No baseline.
  • 2 large deserts (as defined by USDA) in 2011.

  • 1 Market in 2007.

  • None, no coordinated efforts exist in this area.

  • No comprehensive inventory of classes or opportunities exists.

  • None.

2015 Target

  • BMPs identified, programs developed, strategies incorporated into relevant planning.

  • Complete inventory of existing programs, add 1-3 new programs.

  • Complete review of all city Master Plans, identification of potential strategies that should be incorporated into each.

  • 50 Gardens.
  • Ordinances identified and revised.

  • Food deserts eliminated.

  • 7 markets, distributed throughout city to provide widespread access.

  • Type, size and property identified for Food Hub and development underway.

  • Complete inventory of existing classes and opportunities, classes and opportunities added where gaps are identified.

  • Program in place in 25% of elementary schools.

Current Status

  • BMPs have been identified and program strategies have been developed.

  • In progress.

  • In progress.

  • 36 community gardens total Salt Lake City in 2014.

  • Project is complete. Barriers have been identified. Beekeeping, accessory dwelling units and urban agriculture ordinance have been identified and revised through the Sustainable Code Revision Project.

  • Strategies have been identified to increase access to healthy foods. The City is currently exploring options for healthy retail incentives, mobile farm stands, and new grocery store development.

  • 7 markets in 2014.

  • As of May 2015, $350,000 in grant funds are now available for the development of a culinary incubator kitchen within Salt Lake City limits. More information on the grant process is available at

  • In progress.

  • In progress.