Teaching Excellence

Starting Point: In 2010, there was no program in place to recognize teaching excellence.

2015 Goal: Reward program in place with a variety of recognition awards distributed.

Update: Goal has been met with an active Teaching Achievement Recognition Program in place, including awards for Academic Achievement and Exemplary Teachers.

In 2011, the Salt Lake City School District began a teacher recognition program with the purpose of identifying and recognizing teachers who exhibit exceptional growth in the academic achievement of their students. Unlike other recognition programs, which are often based on nominations and anecdotal stories, this innovative program recognizes teachers based on data, specifically growth in core instruction results. This program includes various awards given throughout the school year at the individual, team, and school-wide level, with some awards focusing specifically on teachers in Title I schools. With the help of existing corporate partnerships, each year over 200 teachers in the Salt Lake District are recognized for their work with students. However, although the district plans to continue to identify teachers and schools with outstanding achievement and results, additional partnerships will be needed in future years in order to continue this valuable program.

Target: Additional business partnerships or funding needed to continue recognition for teachers with exceptional results.