Expanded Compost Program

Starting Point: No food scrap composting and/or energy recovery facilities in Salt Lake County. Limited food scraps (fruits and vegetables) are accepted through the curbside compost program in Salt Lake City.

2015 Target: At least one composting or energy recovery facility in the valley that processes food scraps to allow for expansion of Salt Lake City's curbside compost program to include a wide variety of acceptable food scraps, including meat and dairy.

Update: Salt Lake City is cooperating with the Salt Lake Valley Landfill to conduct a pilot program using Extended Aerated Static Piles (eASP), powered by solar panels. Demonstrated success of an ASP system will enable further consideration of incorporating food scraps in the landfill's composting operation. A commercial biodigester project is being planned in North Salt Lake, which will further enable processing of food scrap-only waste stream and will benefit restaurants, grocery store, and commercial food operations in Salt Lake County.

Target: On track.