Recycling Outreach

Starting Point: No formal outreach plan for residents and businesses in place to reduce garbage and increase recycling.

2015 Target: Plan developed and implemented by 2015.

Update: In 2015, Salt Lake City launched two successful programs designed to increase recycling and waste diversion. The first took a neighborhood-based approach, identifying target neighborhoods within the city using diverse criteria and then going door-to-door to educate residents about their curbside services, offer registration for voluntary curbside glass recycling and provide the opportunity to downsize their garbage can to reduce their monthly waste fee.

The second program, Salt Lake Master Recycler, engages residents in a comprehensive curriculum on Salt Lake City's waste operations, waste diversion and community engagement. Master Recyclers then donate their time reaching out to the community as champions for recycling and composting. Salt Lake City also began working with a contractor to roll out another neighborhood-based program to track and increase recycling rates in the first quarter of 2016.

Target: Complete.