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Welcome to Salt Lake City’s Fraud, Waste and Abuse reporting website. This website is provided to employees, the public and any individual who does business with Salt Lake City for the purpose of reporting instances of suspected fraud, waste or abuse involving Salt Lake City Goverment resources. Please restrict your reports on this web site to matters involving Salt Lake City resources.

You may remain anonymous, if you choose to do so. Employees who file reports are protected by the Utah Protection of Public Employees Act (a summary of which can be found here) and the Salt Lake City Fraud Detection and Prevention Policy. Employees are expected to adhere to the Salt Lake City Standards of Conduct Policy Standards of Conduct Policy found in Section 3, Personnel Services, of the Salt Lake City Policy Manual.

To file a report please select the tab at the top of the page for the type of report you want to file and follow the instructions. Definitions of fraud, waste and abuse are provided in each area.

You may also file a report by calling 801-535-6464 and leaving a detailed message.